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Dotted along the countryside of Norfolk County and its surrounding areas are clusters of green and red buildings. More often than not these days, dilapidated and faded into the landscape, these structures once represented the booming tobacco industry of the region. Known colloquially as “kills”, these buildings are actually tobacco kilns and were used to dry the leaves of the plant after harvesting. Historically constructed from timber with furnaces fired with coal or wood, it wasn’t uncommon for sparks to fly and a fire to ignite. A burning kiln was a huge loss for a farmer and would draw neighbors to witness the spectacle and help in any way they could.


With the decline of the tobacco industry around the turn of the century, the entire region experienced its own collapse. But with every end comes a new beginning and an opportunity for the community to gather and rebuild.

A group of like-minded individuals met the call and together they set out to revive and reinvent. And so, Burning Kiln Winery was born.



Burning Kiln Winery, we believe in commemorating life's milestones with elegance and style. Our breathtaking venue nestled in the heart of Norfolk County provides the perfect setting for a variety of celebrations, from joyous beginnings to reflective farewells.

From intimate gatherings to grand affairs, our dedicated team is committed to crafting personalized experiences that reflect your unique vision and preferences. Indulge in our award-winning wines and exquisite cuisine as you create memories to last a lifetime.


Nik Antunovich


Hailing from New Zealand, Nik obtained his graduate diploma from Lincoln University in Lincoln, NZ, before working internationally in the USA, Austria, Germany, and France. He settled in the Niagara region and has now been part of several harvests in Ontario. 

Nik has a deep respect for the environment and working with all the elements that nature provides.  He believes that wine should be easy to drink, enjoyable, and accessible to everyone.


Our Wines.

Burning Kiln is established as a VQA winery and the area is now recognized as an emerging VQA wine region in Ontario.  Our wines have been recognized with numerous awards, including an Ontario Agri-Innovation award for the re-purposing of the farm’s tobacco kilns to create a passito style of wine.    

Explore our wines by visiting the winery for a tour or tasting, or have them delivered directly to your door by shopping online

Burning Kiln Wines